A anti stress formula of Calcium, Vitamins & Herbal preparation for higher milk production in dairy animals.

Each 1000 ml contains :
Safed musli extract 20 gm
Panax ginseng liquid extract 15 ml Pueraria miritica extract 10 gm Purified honey 100 ml
Niacinamide 15 gm
Calcium lactate 50 gm
Olive oil 30 gm
Glycerin 300 ml
Purified water
Features :
Dafed Musli extract appears to be potent In immuno stimulant & increasing non-specific (innate) Immunity.
Sated Musli extract in LOPA-L provides better protection against lipid peroxidation (LDL production) to lactating animals.
ginseng liquid extract is a good adaptogen & CNS stimulant,

200 ml twice daily on the 1st day, followed by 100 ml twice daily for

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