TRIPLE ACTION : Enzyme, Bypass Nutrients, Probiotics & Antioxidants that triggers
A Unique Combination of digestive enzymes, protein, bypass fat, probiotics and antioxidants together as a veterinary formulation
Benefits :
Six vital enzymes in TANT required for ruminants swine and poultry digestion added with probiotics improves feed utilization resulting: –
> Improve rumen microbial protein synthesis
> Improve udder health
> Reduce stress at peak production period
> Increase conception rate
> Better milk production
Indication :
Sudden milk drop during early lactation
• During debility condition a stress period
• Maintenance at pregnancy period
• Improve low conception rate Prevention of laminitis
Dosage :
Cattle:- 1 sachet with feed O.D or bid x5 for 10 days


1 sachet with feed as top dressing once daily for 500 birds( Avg wt 250g)