Omnacortil Oral Solution


Prednisolone (5mg/5ml)

Pharmacology and Mechanism of Action

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory for Pets (Dogs & Cats)
Calms Inflammation: Prednisolone fights inflammation by targeting cells and reducing inflammatory chemicals.

Potency: 4x stronger than Cortisol, but 1/7th as strong as Dexamethasone.

Dosage Forms: Tablets or injectable acetate for muscles or joints.

Indications and Clinical Uses

Musculoskeletal issues: Often used in large animals like horses.
Respiratory problems: Can help manage recurrent airway obstruction in horses.
Skin allergies: Prednisolone combinations can be effective for itch relief in dogs.

Potential Side Effects

Increased appetite and thirst
Behavioral changes
Digestive issues (ulcers)
Skin problems
Sugar imbalances (diabetes)
Slower wound healing
Increased risk of infections


Prednisolone is a prescription medication. Never administer it to your pet without consulting a veterinarian. They will determine the appropriate dosage based on your pet’s specific condition, weight, and overall health.

Here’s a general overview of Prednisolone dosage ranges for different uses in Dogs and Cats:

Condition                                              Dogs (mg/kg)                             Cats (mg/kg)
Anti-inflammatory                                    0.5-1                                      May require double the dog dose
Immunosuppressive                                 2.2-6.6                                  May require double the dog dose

Treatment of ketosis: 100-200 mg total dosage IM.

Important Note:

This is not an exhaustive list. Consult your veterinarian about potential side effects and how to monitor your pet while on Prednisolone.


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