Each kg Contains :
• Elemental Calcium
• Elemental Phosphorous
• Elemental Cobalt
• Elemental Copper
• Elemental Manganese
• Elemental Zinc
• Elemental Iodine
• Elemental Magnesium
• Elemental Iron
• Elemental Selenium

PURAK, with its high concentration of fertility minerals
improves the secretion of hormones, thus helping to bring
animals in heat. Minerals provided in PURAK are in their purest
form for easy absorption.

PURAK is recommended to correct:
1. Anoestrus, Suboestrus
2. Anaemia
PURAK should be fed @ 30-35 Gms per animal or @ 1 Kg
per 100 KgsFeed.

Availability: 1Kg& 10Kgs

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