Alvite-M Chelated Bag 1Kg/5Kg/25Kg


 Each Kg contains:

  • Live yeast culture (1010 CFU/g): 67g; Vitamin A 800000 IU; Vitamin D3: 800000 IU; Vitamin E: 350 IU; Calcium: 220g; Phosphorus: 120g; Copper: 2g; Cobalt: 180mg; Zinc: 6g; Iron: 3g; lodine: 400mg; Sodium: 6g; Sulphur: 20mg; Potassium: 100mg; Magnesium: 6g; Manganese 1.5g; Nicotinamide: 1g; Selenium 10mg;
  • Choline chloride: 6% w/w


  • To enhance the productivity and performance by enhancing,
  • Rumen Health: Live yeast culture, Sulphur and sodium: Improves digestion and prevents SARA
  • Under Health: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Zn, Cu, Co, Mn and Se: Decreases SCC, keratin layer regeneration and improves udder immunity
  • Uterus health: Zn, Cu, Co, Mn and Fe prevents repeat breeding and improves reproductive performance

Recommended usage:

  • Large animals: 30g/animal/day
  • Small animal: 5-10g/animal/day
  • Cattle feed: 1-1.5% or as directed by veterinarian


  • 1Kg, 5Kg and 25Kg polybag
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