• Retained placenta.
  • Atony of uterus, Delay in the Involution of uterus & associated symptoms.
  • As an ideal uterine cleansing agent and to prevent uterine Infection.
  • For improved breeding efficiency.
  • Supportive to manual removal.

100 g Carton
500 g Polybag

Mares : 100 g
Cows and Buffaloes : 50 g
Ewes and Does : 6 g
Administer one double dose orally mixed with jaggery (molasses) or feed soon after calving and repeat single dose after every six hours till the placenta is shed completely within 24 hours. Continue to administer REPLANTA twice daily for the next 3-4 days to ensure timely involution of the uterus and to tone up uterine muscle for improved breeding efficiency.