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Each 2.5 g of Trepanol contains :
Quinapyramine Sulphate : 1.5 g Quinapyramine Chloride : 1.0 g

Trepanol is a very effective and well tolerated drug used for the treatment and control of Trypanosomiasis in cattle, camels, horses and dogs.


Preparation of injection solution Dissolve 2.5 g of Trepanol in 15 ml sterile water.
For the treatment of T. congolense1 ml of injection solution per 45 kg b.w.
For T. evansi, T. equiperdum, T. equinum

2 ml of injection solution per 45 kg b.w.
Trepanol can be administered by subcutaneous route. Behind the shoulder and midline of the dewlap or caudal fold are the common sites for injection in cattle. In horses in front of the shoulder is the usual site for injection.


Trepanol is available in 2.5 g glass bottles along with diluent.