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Each 2.36 gram contains 1.05 gram of Diminazene aceturate.

Prozal is a very effective and well tolerated drug used for the treatment and control of Typanosomiasis, Babesiosis and Theileriosis in animals.

Prozal is also suitable for the treatment of mixed infections with trypanosomes and piroplasmes also pyrexia of unknown origin.

CONTRA INDICATIONS Do not use for camels and dogs.

The dose for all animals when infected with Babesiosis, T.congolense, T.vivax is 0.8 g of Prozal granules per 100 kgb.w. For infections with T.brucei, twice this quantity is indicated.

5 ml of injection solution per 100 kg b.w.

Preparation of injection solution : Dissolve 2.36 g of Prozal in 12.5 ml water (amounts 15 ml)
The Prozal granules dissolve rapidly in the volume of indicated for injection. The prepared Injection solution is stable for 5 days and when stored at a cool place for 14 days. The injection solution must be protected from sunlight and must be stored in sealed glass vials.
Prozal can be administered either by deep intramuscular route or by subcutaneous


Prozal is available in 2.36 g glass bottles and 2.36 g sachets. 100 sachets are packed

in a corrugated box.