SynoPet Powder


Each 4 gram contains Glucosamine 440.92 mg Chondroitin

sulfate 352.74 mg Methyl

sulfonyl methane 200 mg EPAandDHA 50 mg Curcumin 6.3 mg Bromelain 18 mg Manganese 40 mg Ascorbic acid 30 mg ^ Vitamin E 10IU


Joint supplement for assisting and supporting older dogs in preventing wearing and tearing of cartilages, tendons and ligaments Aids faster fracture healing process Helps in faster recovery during the convalescence of surgical procedure Supports animal during stress and straining

Other includes hip dysplasia, Arthritis, Joint disorders


Dogs-Upto 10kg- 4g daily (1 scoop)

Upto 10-20kg – 6g daily ( land V2 scoop)

Above 20kg- 8g daily (2 scoop)

Cats-upto 5kg -2g daily (1/2 scoop)

Above 5kg -4g daily (1 scoop)



120gm bottle