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Glycine Chelated Minerals (Oral solution & bolus)
Each 7 ml. of Bovimin-GL contains:
360 mg. Zinc in the form of Zinc Glycinate Chelate 125 mg. Copper in the form of Copper Glycinate Chelate 200 mg Manganese in the form of Manganese Glycinate Chelate 12 mg. Cobalt in the form of Cobalt Glycinate Chelate
Feeding instructions:
Cow, buffalo & horse: 7 ml. per head daily or as directed by the Veterinarian.
(Can be mixed in feed, premix or drinking water)

Recommended usage:
– Conception rates
– Prevention of mastitis -Hoof health
-Stress conditions – Transportation -Prevention of uterine infections
– Prevention of retained afterbirths -Milk yield

1 x 7 bolus 60,150 & 300 ml. oral solution

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