Each ml contains:

Thiamin hydrochloride (Bi) IP 33.3mg; Riboflavin 5; Phosphate sodium (B2) IP 1.66mg; Pyridoxine Hydrochloride KHighPotency (B6) IP 3.3mg; Niacin amide IP 33.3mg; D- Panthenol IP 1.66mg; B complex
Cyanocobalamin (B12) IP 33.3mcg; Benzyl alcohol (as preservative) injection 100 mi.
0.9%V/V; Water for injection IP qs.

Rumen dysfunction due to metabolic disturbances, anorexia, debility, weight loss, loss of production, and fall in immunity.
ALTOVIT Inj. can be used during pyrexia concomitantly with antibiotics or along with l/V infusion.
Dosage :

Large animals – 5-10ml once daily by I/M for 5-7days

Small animals – 2.5 – 5ml once daily by I/M for 5-7days Presentations: 30ml & 100ml multidose glass vial.