Composition :
Lithium Antimony Thiomalate 60 mg per ml

For the treatment of tropical nasal granuloma (schistosomiasis) in cattle, also useful in
treatment of filariasis and Lieshmaniasis in dogs and papillomatosis in cattle and horses

Dose: (deep IM)
Nasal granuloma: cattle: 20ml deep I/M on 2 to 3 occasions at intervals
of one week; Papillomatosis: cattle: 15ml deep I/M on 4 to 6 occasions at intervals of 2
days. As the warts necroses they should be enucleated and the raw surfaces dressed with
an antibacterial agent; In horses follow the same course as in cattle; make sure that the
injection is given deep I/M as S/C deposition of the solution might result in an area of
lightening around the site of injection; Dogs: 1ml I/M raising by increments of 0.5ml to
2.5ml. Injection should be given on alternate days on 4 to 6 occasions

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