Bolin-NP Bolus

Each uncoated Bolus contains:
Nimesulide B.R 400 mg
Paracetamol I.R 1500 mg
Each ml of Injection contains:
Nimesulide B.R 30 mg
Paracetamol I.R 195 mg
Waterforinjectionl.R q.s.
For Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep & Goat
• Management of Pyrexia & Pain
• As a supportive therapy in high fever cases as in Ephemeral fever (3 day sickness)
• Symptomatic relief of pain, pyrexia & inflammation associated with respiratory tract infections & musculo skeletal disorders causing
Dosage & Administration:
Injection : 1 ml /15 kg BW through Bolus: 2 boli twice daily or as directed by Veterinarian
Presentation :
30 ml vial & 20X2 Boli

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