Oral Physiological Rehydration solution for Poultry and Livestock Nutritional value per 100 ml.:
Calcium Lactate Potassium Chloride Magnesium Sulphate Sodium Chloride Sodium Acid Phosphate Sodium Citrate Dextrose Monohydrate

. The replacement of fluid and electrolytes loss.
• Maintenance of Dehydration in diarrhea due to organism like E.Coli.
. To replace mild to moderate fluid losses.
. Replacement of essential salts due to over-sweating during summer seasons and for preventing heat stroke etc.
. To combat Enteritis and other Ruminal disorders.

Livestock : Cow I Buff I Horse : 500 ml. daily for 5 days.
Calf: 100 ml. daily for 5 days, Dog: 100 ml. daily for 5 days. Poultry : Chicks: 200 ml./1000 birds, Growers: 400 ml./1000 birds.
Layers: 800 ml./1000 birds daily.
Or as directed by the Veterinarian.