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Good Habit

Relief from Coprophagia
Meat Flavour

Each Tablet Contains:

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Oleoresin Capsicum DL

Methionine Alpha amylase

Papaya extract Yucca

Schidigera Extract Fructo


Benefits :
■ Supports the reduction of stool eating in Dogs, Puppies, Cats.
■ Helps to prevent Dogs & Cats from consuming faeces. Helps to reduce stool odour.
■ Deter Dogs & Cats from litter box raiding.
■ Helps to reduce acidity of urine of the Dog & Cat, thereby reducing the chances of yellow or brown spots on grass in the lawns, where the Dog or Cat urinates.
■ Helps to improve digestibility.
■ Suitable for Multi Dog Families.
Highly Palatable due to added Meat Flavour. Chewable & easy consistent dosing .

Dosage & Administration:
Upto 5 Kg 1 Tab Daily.

5 Kg-10 Kg 2 Tab Daily.

10 Kg -15 Kg 3 Tab Daily.

15 Kg to 20 Kg 4 Tab Daily

Above 20 KG 4 Tab Daily
or as advised by the Veterinary Practitioner

30 Tablet & 60 Tablets Bottle

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