Composition ■
Each 100 ml Provides:
Vitamin A 1000,000 IU.
Vitamin D3 200000! U.
Vitamin B1 350 mg
Vitamin B6 200 mg.
Vitamin B12 2000 mg
Vitamin E 800 mg.
Vitamin C 500 mg
Choline Chloride 400 mg.
De Pantothenol 1500 mg.
Folic acid 10 mg.
Biotin 250 meg
Inositol 200 meg
Niacinamide 1.25 mg.
L-Methionine 500mg.
L-Lysine 250 mg.
Threonine 50 mg
L-Tryptophan 10 mg.
Histidine 90 mg
Arginine 49 mg
Aspartic Acid 145 mg
Serine 68 mg
Glutamic Acid 116 mg
Proline 51 mg
Glycine 50 mg
Alanine 90 mg
Cystine 15 mg
Valine 110mg
Leucine 150mg
Isoleucine 12mg
Tyrocine 30mg
Phynylanine 80 mg

Benefits :
Non antibiotic advanced nutritional tonic for good heath & complete growth. Can be used in all physiological condition & all age group throughout year. General supplement to maintain vital body function. Improves productivity by optimizing FCR, growth & weight gain. Increases body immunity power to fight infections. For shiny, lustrous & healthy skin. To enhance general activity. Provides vital elements like Amino Acids & Multivitamins during stress condition like Deworming, Transportation, Diet Change, Season Change, Fast Growth, Pregnancy, Peak Lactation, Debility and Convalescence. Areal supplement for Vigor, Vitality & Growth.

Dosage & Administration:

Puppies:  5 ml twice daily

Adult Dogs: 10 ml

Cats:  2.5 ml to 5 ml twice daily

Pet Birds: 15 to 20 ml per 100 Birds.

200 ml