HH.+ Liquid

Each 10 ml Contains:
Liver fraction 1.25 gm
(derived from 31,25gm of fresh liver) Yeast Extract 400mg
Nicotinic Acid 24mg
Vitamin E 300mcg
1) Liver extract improved liver function bile secretion, prevent liver damage and also regenerate liver tissue.
2) Liver fraction contains Vitamin B12, folic acid and iron, It also helps in formation of DNA.
3) Yeast extract helps to utilized protein, vitamin, minerals and anti oxidant of food materials.
4) Yeast extract lower cholesterol and boost immunity. It also helps in improving microbial digestion.
5) Nicotinic Acid – helps in early lactation period by prevention of drop in milk yield.
6) Vitamin E – acts as a anti stress vitamin. Recent finding shows that it reduces cases of Retention of Placenta. It cures endometritis and intra mammary infection.
Large Animal- 40ml – 50ml daily Small Animal- 5ml-10ml daily
200ml, 500ml, 11tr, 5ltf-

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