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Infalliable medicine providing immediate relief from the d pertaining to the G.l. Tract, loose motion, and dysentery

Composition: Marcogyl (Bolus)

Each bolus contains

Furazolidone: 0.5gm

Idochloro Hydroxyquinolin: 1.0mg

Koalin: 2.0mg

Immediate relief for loose motions and dysentery caused by the infection by various bacteria and protozoan found in

Large animals: 2-4 bolus twice a day Calves: 1 /2 bolus twice a day

Sheep and Goat: 1 /2 bolus twice a day

Note: If favorable results of Marcogyl are not achieved due to Secondly Bacterial Infection„ then it will be appropriate to give Marcoprim bolus along with Marcogyl.