Each combi-kit contains Vial A).

Each ml of 30ml vial contains
Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate 30mg

Disodium Hydrogen
Phosphate Dodecahydrate 230mg Vial B).

Each ml of 20ml vial contains:
Inosine 12mg Sodium Pyruvate 12mg

Indications: Reproductive Problems, Malnutrition and Debility, Metabolic
Disorders, PPH and for Enhancing Performance

Dosage:  25ml reconstituted solution for two days in General Deficiency.
50-100ml reconstituted solution on day 1 and 25ml reconstituted solution
to be continued from 2nd day onwards until symptoms disappear in Post
Parturient Haemoglobinuria by IM/V and S/C route

Presentation: Combi-kit of 30ml and 20ml vials