Sulphadimidin Tablets l.P. (Vet.)

Each bolus contains Sulphadimidine 5 gm

In the treatment of infectious diseases of calves and milking cows, sheep, pigs caused by or associated with organisms sensitive to Sulphadimidine and also effective in the treatment of coccidiosis and footrot.  Septicemia, Pneumonia, Foot rot, Bronchitis, Scour, Bacterial diarrhoea, Enteritis, Coccidiosis, Metritis and Retention of Placenta

For intestinal and caecal coccidiosis mainly in calves and poultry. Drug of choice for hemorrhagic septicemia in cattle. S/C injection in calves and I/V in milking cows; Initial dose: 200mg/kg or 15 to 30ml/50kg Maintenance: 100mg/kg or 7.5 – 15ml/50kg daily by I/V or S/C route; In Dogs half the initial dose should be given twice daily by I/V or S/C route; Horse, cattle, sheep, goat & pigs: 200mg/kg body weight e.g. 2 boli per 50kg body weight followed by 1 tablet/50kg daily for two further days only. The tabs can be used as uterine pessaries prophylactically in cattle after parturition and in the treatment of metritis.

Known sulphonamide sensitivity. Sever live damage and blood dyscariasis. Do not use by I/M route. I/V should be given slowly. To minimize local tissue reaction following S/C injections divide the dose into 2 or 3 parts and inject into several sites. Prolonged treatment may give rise to vitamin K deficiency, agranulocytosis and hemolytic anemia especially in young stock. Local anaesthetics of the procaine group are antagonistic and should not be used during treatment. Not for use in pre-ruminant calves.

Strip of 4 tablets