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Nutrition per 20 ml:
♦ Calcium
♦ Phosphorous
♦ Vitamin D3
♦ Vitamin B12

Introducing for the first time, Calcium Suspension in
Double Strength. TINACAL DS is manufactured with latest reaction process thus offering unique benefits:
Provides the purest grade Calcium & Phosphorous for easier digestion
Thicker and homogenized suspension makes
administration easier
Double strength ensures the economy.

Drop-in milk yield
Milk Fever condition after parturition
Improper bone development of young ones &

Weak shelled eggs, lameness in poultry.

Recommended usage:
Cattle: 50 ml daily
Calves: 10 ml twice daily
Poultry: 10 – 50 ml /100 birds
Dogs: 5 – 10 ml twice daily.
Availability: Poly containers of 1Lit & 5 Lits

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