Trocar Cannula

This is used to evacuate gas from rumen during Bloat. Bloat is a life threatening disease when the accumulated gas is high in volume in rumen. More than 20% small and large ruminants die when not attended on time.
This Trocar and Cannula is made up of biomedical grade SAE 316 stainless steel.
The most common surgical steels are austenitic stainless. They are all corrosion resistant steel.
This surgical steel is also used in the manufacture and handling of food and Pharmaceutical products where it is often required in order to minimize metallic contamination. The passivation process of this steel has greatly enhanced the corrosion resistant properties.
This Trocar and Cannula is imported from, Kruuse Denmark, a world fem surgical Instrument Manufacturer. They are renowned for their excellence in quality biomedical surgical instruments.
This Trocar and Cannula can be used years together if it is maintained and disinfected property after every use.
Method of use: During Bloat this Trocar and Cannula has to be pierced in the triangular bottom of Para lumber fossa in the left side of the body beneath the lumber area. Before piercing it is advisable to disinfect the Trocar and cannula properly and make a small incision after sterilizing the skin surface. Direct piercing may be very painful for the ailing animal and not advocated.
This process is applicable both for Large and Small ruminants.

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