Cure Anemia, Debility and Malaise
* During pregnancy and the following parturition
* After deworming for trematodes (Flukes) and Haemoprotozoal infections
* In animals going through convalescence to reduce convalescence period
* During stress period to overcome stress along with antistress vitamins
* To improve milk and meat production
* Pre or post-surgery to improve hematocrit

Each Bolus contains
Ferrous fumarate – 1500 mg.
Thiamine mononitrate – 8 mg.
Vitamin B2 – 8 mg.
Vitamin B6 • 6 mg.
Vitamin Bl2 – 75 meg.
Folic acid – 7.5 mg.
Excipients – q.s.

Due to the combination of ferrous From of iron supported with folic acid & the entire B- complex group, the progression of anemia can be tackled faster.
Xl-On lo promptly correct the Iron imbalance and bring growth and production back to a farm

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