Each ml Contains: Buserelin acetate 0.0042 mg Equiva­lent to Buserelin 0.004 mgCattle & Buffalo : Infertility of Ovarian Origin & improvement of Conception rate, Early induction of oestrous cycle after calving, follicular cysts, improvement of conception rate in artificial imsemnation procedures, synchronisation of oestrous with PGF2 alpha analogueCattle : 10 to 20 mcg Mare : 20 to 40 mcg Rainbow Trout : 0.8 mcg Fertility disorders of Ovarian Origin Cattle & Buffalo : True Anoes- trus 5 ml Synchronisa­tion of Oestrous 2.5 ml Follicular Cyst 5 ml Delayed ovulation 2.5 ml Improvement of conception in A.I 2.5 ml2.5 ml, 5ml & 10 ml Vial
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