Dosage Form
Injectable liquid.
Therapeutic group
20 mg Xylazine HCl.
Sedation of a wide variety of domestic, wild or exotic species such as cattle, dogs, cats,
horses, laboratory animals, zoo animals and deer.
Dose and administration
By I/V or I/M route: Cattle: 0.25 – 1.5ml (5 – 30mg)/100kg I/M, 0.15 – 0.27ml/100kg bodywt by slow I/V;

Horse: 3 – 5ml/100kg slow I/V;

Cat: 0.15/kg I/M;

Dog: 0.05 – 0.15ml/kg

Sheep: 0.05 – 0.1mg/kg;

Pigs: 2 – 3mg/kg;

Birds: 5 – 10mg/kg.

Cardiovascular disease, Shock, acute or chronic cardiac insufficiency, severe respiratory

depression, late pregnancy. Condition in dogs & cats where emesis is undesirable, E.g.
obstruction of esophagus, torsion of stomach, hernia. Take normal precaution in managing
any unconscious or semi conscious ruminants to prevent inhalation pneumonia and bloat.
Don’t leave the animals under the influence of xylazine in the sun. In ruminants lower dose
should be used if sedation without recumbency is desired.

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