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Calvit-12 Bolus/Syrup

To increase the production of milk and strengthen the bones.
It is an extremely effective medicine for rapid g enhancing the production of milk of animals and or treatment of various deficiency diseases caused by the deficiency of calcium, cobalt, vitamin D3and B12etc.

Large Animals: 2 bolus twice in a day Small Animals: 1 bolus twice in a day
Each bolus contains:


TribasicCalcium Phosphate : 4.8gm

Vitamin D3:- 10,000

Vitamin B12 : 100 meg

Cobalt Chloride: 100 mg

Leptadenia Reticulate: 350 mg

In this bolus, calcium with leptadenia reticulate contribute specially in increasing of the milk. It stimulates reproduction activity by regularizing the oestrous cycle and providing strength to the reproductive organs of the animals.

Calvit-12 Syrup

Each 5 ml contains:

Calcium Gluconate: 416.6 mg

Vitamin D3: 6001. U.
Proteolysed liver extract: 1.65 mg

Vitamin B12: 8.35 meg
Ferric Ammonium Citrate: 83.5 mg

Proteolysed liver extract Vitamin B12

Ferric Ammonium Citrate
Large animals : 100 ml per day
Small animals : 15-20 ml per day
Hens Layers : 50 ml per 100 hens
Grovers : 20 ml per 100 hens
Chicken v – : 100 ml per 100 hens

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