FIXO Injection

Composition :

17 alpha hydroxy progesterone 250 mg /1 ml


interval of 10 days.

Failure to come in heat: Inject 2-3 ml if no any benefit is gained then inject again after 10 days.

Uterus Prolapse (Anti partum): 2-3 ml at interval of second day.

Uterus Prolapse (Post

partum): 2-3 times regularly,

2-3 ml at the interval of one

day, after this inject for 3

weeks at the interval of every week.

Possibility of miscarriage, inability to conceive, failure to come in heat, non- fixation of zygote (nidation) in uterus, ante and post partum prolapse of uterus.

Packing: 2 ml/ 3 ml ampuie

Injection method:

To be administered intramuscularly.