Each 2.5gm vial contains: Amoxycillin: 1.25gm Cloxacillin: 1.25gm
Each 3.5gm vial contains:. Amoxycillin: 1.75gm Cloxacillin: 1.75gm
Each 4.5gm vial contains: Amoxycillin: 2.25gm Cloxacilin: 2.25gm

Pharmacology and Mechanism of Action

Amoxicillin generally has a narrow spectrum of activity that includes streptococci, non-beta-lactamase–producing staphylococci, and other gram-positive cocci and bacilli.

In dogs, the peak concentration, half-life, volume of distribution, and clearance are 11 mcg/mL, 1.3 hours, 0.72 L/kg, and 6.5 mL/kg/min, respectively. Amoxicillin oral absorption in small animals is
higher than ampicillin).
Indications and Clinical Uses
Amoxicillin is used for a variety of infections in all species, including urinary tract infections, soft tissue infections, and pneumonia.

Drug Interactions
Do not mix with other drugs in compounded formulations. Instructions for Use

Small Animal Dosage
Dogs and Cats
• 6.6-20 mg/kg q8-12h PO.
Large Animal Dosage
• Nonruminating: 10-22 mg/kg q8-12h PO.
Cattle and Horses
• 6.6-22 mg/kg q8-12h PO (suspension). Note: Oral doses in large animals are not well absorbed (except in foals), and amoxicillin is generally not administered via this route.


Cloxacillin is similar in spectrum and activity as amoxicillin. Cloxacillin in combination with Amoxicillin in  will provide better Synergistic Bactericidal effect against Gram+ve, Gram-veas well as Beta Lactamase & Penicillinase. Cloxacillin has the greatest antimicrobial activity in its group against Penicillinase producting resistant strain of Staphylococcus ahreus the notorious causative organism of mastitis.
Mastitis H.S.
Pneumonia Bronchitis B.Q.
Calf Scours
Bacterial Gastroenteritis Metritis Pyometra Leptospirosis Listeriosis Cystitis
Otitis Externa and Interna Urogenital tract Infection Retained Placenta E.Coli Infection Respiratory tract Infection Bronchitis and Surgical Wounds.

Dosage and Administration: Cattle&Buffalo: 6-10rmg/kg b.w.
Dog & Cat: 15-25mg/kg b.wt. daily for 3-5 days. VM or W route
Presentation: 2.5gm vial, 3.5gm vial and 4.5gm vial with WFI