Broad spectrum anthelmintic, effective against mature and immature stages of roundworm, tapeworm, lungworm, hookworm and flukes


Kalbend Suspension: Mixed parasitic infestations (Round worm, Tape worm & Flukes)

Cow, Buffalo & Calves:1 mL per 2 5 kg body weight a 10 mg per kg body weight Sheep: 6 mL per 10 kg body weight at the dose rate of 15 mg per kg body weight Kalbend 150 mg tablet 1 tablet for 15 kg body weight for calves Kalbend 600 mg bolus:

1 bolus for 60 kg body weight for calves Kalbend Forte : 1.5 gm bolus:

1 bolus for 150 kg body weight for heifers

& adult cows or as recommended by the Veterinarian

Pack: 30 mL. 60 mL. 1 Litre & 5 Litres. 5 x 4’s boli,

S x 2’s boli Box of 10 x 10’s tablets

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