Fenbendazole Bolus
Each bolus provides:
♦ Fenbendazole
Broad-spectrum KRIFEN is effective to eradicate all common gastrointestinal parasites such as Round Worms, Tapeworms & Lung Worms. It is also effective against immature stages of worms.

All kinds of worm infestation such as I Roundworms – Haemonchus, Oestertagia, Bunostomum, Cooperia Spp.
» Tape worm – Monieza Spp, Taenia Spp.
► Lung Worms – Dictyocaulus Spp.
Recommended Dose :
5 mg / kg of B.W. animal (3 gm bolus for 600 kg B.W. Animal)
Availability : 3 gm bolus