(Vit. A120000IU + Vit. D3 60000 /(/ vitE 15mg+vit H(Biotin) 1.5ml vitc10mg+zinc180mg+cobalt 1mg+Selenium 1 mg)/10ml

Large Animate:
20-50 ml daily for 10-15 days
5*10 ml daily for 10-15 days


With the Power of:
Potent antioxidants which strengthen the
immunity of the animal

0 Zinc & Biotin allows keratinization, builds stronger hoof with a greater ability to resist environmental stress
0 Improves udder health &
Prevents Mastitis
0 Improves stamina
0 Shortens recovery period after chronic illness
I owers stress associated with temperature change
<0 Maintains healthy skin coat 8. hoof conditions