Each 10ml contains:

Tricholine citrate – 600mg; Methionine – 276mg; Inositol USNF XII – 72mg; Sorbitol I.P-70% (Noncrystallizing)


In all sorts of Hepatic disorders, Fatty Liver degeneration, Liver cirrhosis Hepatoprotection against fungal, chemical, pesticide, drug etc. toxicity. Effective against ANOREXIA of unknown origin and maintains good metabolic bioactivity eventually retains high production for longer time.

Large ruminants: 50ml once daily for 15 days; Small ruminants – 20ml once daily for 15 days; Dog – 10ml once daily for 15 days
Poultry: (For lOObirds) (through drinking water)
Chicks: 5 -10ml once daily for 7-10days;
Growers/Broilers/Layers: 15-30ml once daily for 7-10 Days