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Composition: Lactobacillus sp., Bacillus sp.,Saccharomyces sp.., Bifidobacterium, Streptococcus.
Number of bacteria: Total count of bacteria ,2.5xl015 CFU/ml.


This probiotic helps in the improvement of growth
and animal health
Recommended usage:

Use in drinking water
Age 0-2weeks – Add 3ml in lltr.of water per day
Age 3weeks – 3ml in lltr.of drinking water in every 3 days alternate
Age 4weeks – l-1.5ml once in every 3days in lltr. of drinking water

Benefits of PROQUA
1. Allows for rapid decomposition of protein^® and starch, enhancing gastrointestinal digestion,
2. Produces a variety of amino acids to aid in the growth of poultry.
3. Boosts gastrointestinal digestion of feed within poultry improving the rate of meat gained.
4. Supplements intestinal microbial flora, inhibiting the reproduction of harmful diseases such as E.coli; Enhances and prevents poultry diarrhea.
5. Reduces mortality rate, increasing survival rate.
6. PROQUA is highly effective in controlling pathogenic micro biota of Poultry Gl tract.

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