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Each 1 Kg. has nutritional value of: Vitamin A 7,50,000 IU + Vitamin D, 75,000 IU + Vitamin E300mg + Niacinamide 1.2gm -^20Z2EEiE^+ Copper 4.2 gm+
Cobalt 150 mg+Magnesium 6.5 gm+ Iron 1.75gm+lodine350mg+Zinc9.6gm+ Manganese 1.5 gm+Sulphur 9.2 gm+Potassium 150mg+Sodium 20 mg+
Calcium250gm+Phosphorous 127.5 gm 4;

D.L Methionine 1.929gmn L.Lysine4.40 gm

Lactobacillussporogenes 75 Billion CFUSSaccharomycescerevisiae IS Billion CPU

s Improves fertility rate / reduces inter calving period 0 Improves milk production/growth/body weight 0 Improves digestion/feed conversion rate 0 Helps in the overall growth of young calves
Fulfill the Nutritional Gap with extra Nutrients
^ Essential Amino acids
Increases milk protein in dairy cattle
Improves FCR, weight gain & maintains rumen microflora Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, Iodine
Reduces chances of ROP, early embryonic death, delayed sexual maturity, and delayed Uterine involution