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VITAHEAD Injection

Injection of Vitamin  A, D, E, H selenium Syrup

It is an effective medicine to improve in an excellent manner the actr, e mechanism by Rejuvenating all main organs and systems of body a no immediately increase in disease resistance power and production. Vitamin A and E control the oxidation process by working as main antioxidant thereby provide the cellular growth and prevent from various diseases by increasing the disease resistance power. It increases the physical strength, production and endrocrinal hormone release system by controlling metabolic process and availability of major hormones ensuring physical power, development of udders and rapid increase in milk production. It removes the ailments related to liver and barrenness.

Composition of Syrup Composition of Injection
Vitamin H Vitamin E VitaminA Vitamin
Elemental Selenium


Presentation : 250ml / 100ml Syrp
VitaminA IP :  Vitamin D3 IP :  Vitamin E acetate :  Biotin USP :  Benzyl Alcohol : 2,50,000IU

25,000 IU


12.5 meg


Presentation : 5ml/10ml Vail

Dosage :
As directed by the phyecien
Presentation : 5ml/10ml Vail

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